Long Distance Affair & Telephone

In November, I was pleased to participate in two exciting and unconventional artistic projects. Long Distance Affair and Telephone both bring together collaborators from around the globe, and both use technology to create links between artists and audiences.

Guillermo Katz in rehearsal for our LDA play

Guillermo Katz in rehearsal for our LDA play

PopUP Theatrics’ Long Distance Affair is a one-of-a-kind theatrical event where audience members experience one-on-one performances of short plays performed via Skype, by actors in locations around the world. I directed the short play “Despu├ęs de la siesta” for LDA’s recent performances in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of the Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires at Ciudad Cultural Konex. It was a wonderful experience collaborating (entirely via Skype!) with brilliant playwright Lally Katz and fantastic actor Guillermo Katz on this project. Check out a video trailer here!

Telephone is a fascinating world-wide artistic experiment/game. It’s like that telephone game we all used to play as kids–except in this case, the message gets translated from one artistic medium to another… My contribution was a short audio-theatrical experience for one listener, which is my reinterpretation of a mysterious little stop-motion animation that I received from somewhere in the world. My work was then sent on to three other artists, and on and on… (If you’d like to play the game too, get in touch with them! They’re still looking for more participants.)

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