This is Not a Museum Tour

During my Spring 2019 artist residency at Elsewhere, a museum in a former thrift store in Greensboro, NC, I created a new iteration of my ongoing EXHIBIT project:

This is Not a Museum Tour
(a tour of the museum)

An object-led, participatory tour, This is Not a Museum Tour focuses on works of “Not Art” in the museum collection. Visitors are invited to experience a 14-minute tour, personally led by a friendly vintage Fisher Price tape cassette player named Maggie. The tour can be experienced by groups of one to 15 visitors at a time.

For more photos, audio, and video (soon!), check out the This is Not a Museum Tour page on Elsewhere’s site.

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EXHIBIT is a site-responsive participatory theatre experience in the form of an art gallery tour, designed to be re-adapted to fit each different gallery or museum setting. Small groups of audience members are led through the gallery on what initially seems like a straightforward tour. Then gradually, a fictional story emerges, both inspired by and in contradiction to the visual artwork.

EXHIBIT was developed through a 2016-2017 Water Residency through New Georges and premiered as a work-in-progress during Works on Water, a month-long, multi-disciplinary art event happening at 3LD Art & Technology Center in lower Manhattan during June 2017.

The version of EXHIBIT that was developed for Works on Water engages directly (yet playfully) with the water-focused visual art on display, exploring themes of memory, reflection, motion, stillness, and what exactly happens in the instant when water turns into ice.

EXHIBIT: Works on Water Variation
Director/Writer: Emerie Snyder
Performers: Elizabeth M. Kelly, Nick Lewis, Megan Melnyk, Lim Mui, and Jordan Douglas Smith
Script Assistant: Nick Lewis

June 12, 17, 19 & 24, 2017

3LD Art & Technology Center
80 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10006

EXHIBIT has been many years in the making (and future incarnations are on the way!). Much gratitude to my early collaborators who helped develop this project, including Nick Lewis, Marissa Molnar, Bubba Weiler, and Carl Wiemann.

Photos by Sura Mallouh, Jason D’Souza, and Emerie Snyder









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This Is Like That

This Is Like That

This is Like That
a new play

written by Michael Sean Cirelli
directed by Emerie Snyder
projections by Eamon O’Connor


Development history includes a reading in Fall 2015, a workshop production in April 2016, and a performance in the Flying Solo Festival (Secret Theatre, Queens) in May 2016.


Most recently: a workshop presented by All For One Theater on March 18, 2018, performed by comedian Jordan Carlos!



A man walks into a lecture room and says to the class… no wait, sorry. So there’s a lecture hall, a slide projector, and an apple… there’s supposed to be a man? Oh right, the man walks in. So a man walks into a lecture room—no wait, there’s no apple. What I mean is he wants to tell the world about the beauty he finds in language, only he can’t find the words for it.

A show for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood, or felt they might feel understood but weren’t. This is Like That is a one-person play that grapples with questions about language, identity, religion, and the stories we tell others and ourselves.

Also, there’s definitely an apple.


photos of 2018 workshop featuring Jordan Carlos by Emerie Snyder

photos of 2016 workshop featuring Michael Sean Cirelli by Carl Wiemann




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Bodies of Water

Fringe Icon FINAL lg

Bodies of Water
a new play

by Erin Breznitsky
directed by Emerie Snyder

New York International Fringe Festival, Aug 12-28, 2016

It might be the end of the world, and three friends gather to say goodbye: to the island that harbored their childhood summers, the traumatic event that’s defined their lives, and the magical creatures lurking just beneath the water’s surface.

Bodies of Water is a new play appearing for the first time at the New York International Fringe Festival in August 2016.

photos by Lauren McCune

Bodies of Water - FringeNYCFacebook / Twitter / Learn More




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Umbrella Houses

Created by Nick Lewis & Emerie Snyder

A workshop production was directed by Jess K Smith, as part of Dixon Place’s Works-in-Progress series in April 2012. News on future productions forthcoming.

Fact: The earliest metal-framed umbrellas were made using surplus steel ribs from corsets. Isn’t it funny how the same things that hold you in, also hold the world out?

Umbrella Houses is a play about a man on a stage and a woman on the run, and how the things that protect you can just as easily collapse. He lives alone in an empty theatre–until he invents an audience to keep him company. She spends all her days traveling the world, sending gifts to random strangers who never write back. And you arrive just in time to see what happens when their paths collide.

Naturally, there will be a dance number. Dorothy and Scarecrow make an appearance, too.

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Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor
Cracked by Gwydion Suilebhan

directed by Emerie Snyder

An off-kilter cooking show, followed by a desperate contest between men in neckties.

A comedic double bill including Daniel MacIvor’s award-winning NEVER SWIM ALONE, in which old buddies compete in fast-paced absurdist battles of wits, one-ups, and manliness. Also featuring the world premiere of CRACKED by acclaimed DC playwright Gwydion Suilebhan, a short solo play starring a woman, an audience, and an egg.

Produced by The Intentional Theatre Group and Carissa Baker. Featuring Daniel Dugan, Candice Holdorf, Grace Kiley and Nick Lewis

Presented by The Midtown International Theater Festival, 2009.

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10 short plays by Samuel Beckett, Stephen Belber, Sheila Callaghan, Sarah Carbiener, Anton Dudley, Brian Patrick Leahy, Joyce Carol Oates, Erica Rosbe, Davy Rothbart & Richard Strand

Including 5 new plays commissioned by Emerie Snyder and The Intentional Theatre Group for this production

Directed by Emerie Snyder

No play is an island.
A collection of short one-person pieces.

Archipelago consists of 10 short one-person plays that explore themes of solitude, self, and theatricality. All of the plays in Archipelago explore the different ways people relate to, and deal with, their own isolation. A woman stuck trapped inside her own mind, a desperate man in a jail cell, an artist with dynamite strapped to her chest, or a boy in the midst of jumping to his own death who finds hope in the seconds after jumping off a building. All of the characters confront, and ultimately come to grips with, the boxes they’ve created for themselves.

Featuring: Therese Barbato, Sarah Carbiener, Daniel Owen Dungan, Nick Lewis, Lethia Nall, Gavin-Keith Umeh & Dan Via

Produced by The Intentional Theatre Group & Small Pond Entertainment. Altered Stages, NYC, 2007.

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by Edwin Sánchez
a staged reading directed by Emerie Snyder

Jessica Angleskhan, Christian Conn, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Carlos Ibarra, Otto Sanchez and Dario Torres

Clean follows six characters’ interwoven stories as they question the utter arbitrariness of love. A 10-year-old boy painfully in love with a Catholic priest; a virgin housewife and world-wise drag queen slowly falling for each other; and a macho father and his angry son, both at a loss for how to reach the women they love.

Ben Brantley of The New York Times describes Edwin Sánchez as a playwright of tremendous emotional conviction … a playwright to watch closely.” This reading will be the first time that Clean has been presented in NYC since its 1997 production by the Atlantic Theater Company.

Reading presented by The Intentional Theatre Group. Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC, Sept. 2010.

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Walls Trailer

Written and Directed by Emerie Snyder
Short Independent DV Film • 2005/2006

12:57 minutes • Audio Described / Closed Captioned
DVD copies available upon request

•2007 European Independent Film Festival, Paris, France
•2006 Takoma Park Film Festival, Takoma Park, MD
•2006 STEBA Film Festival, New York, NY

cast: Nell Casey, Jordan Woods-Robinson
director of photography: John Loughlin
music: David Herman • editor: TJ Misny
producer: Sam Hodges

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Five of Us

A Play by Len Jenkin
Directed by Emerie Snyder
March 2005 • Tisch School of the Arts

A story about love, burglary, doo-wop songs, and how little it takes to shatter a life.



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