Acting Projects

Freud’s Magic Powder
A short film by award winning director Edouard Getaz.

Featuring Emerie Snyder as Dolfi, Sigmund Freud’s sister.

In his crowded family house, Young Freud tries to focus on his medical experiments with a “magic powder” otherwise known as cocaine.  On the carriage ride home from a visit to his fiance, Freud takes some of the powder and has a wild vision – which leads to the great discovery that will insure his name to the history books forever: the Oedipal complex. Written by J. Sharzer. Find out more about the film here.

Brooklyn Boy
(Olney Theatre Center, Olney MD, Summer 2007)

“The conversation that Weiss has with Alison — a sexy, deceptively insightful film-school student (Emerie Snyder, warm and carefree as a summer breeze) — is a hoot … Three splendidly acted scenes — [including one] with Snyder’s bright Alison — defy expectations. Rewardingly, they contain more than their share of personal history and psychological nuance.”
–The Washington Post

“Snyder has been given a great role. The literary groupie she plays to perfection has more to her than meets the eye, and she deftly explores the nuances Margulies provides.”
–Washington Beacon

“… two young actors make their Olney debuts with panache. Emerie Snyder is sharp as a groupie this newly-famous author takes back to his hotel for a night…”
–Potomac Stages

The Heidi Chronicles
(Arena Stage, Washington DC, Spring 2007)

“… this is a well-paced, handsome production with quite uniformly excellent performances. … In the rap session, particularly, Emerie Snyder has a sweet grace as a girl whom life’s pinned to the ropes.”

Schoolgirl Figure
(Cherry Red Productions, Washington DC, Summer 2002)

“Emerie Snyder’s Jeanine scarily delights in her waif-ness.”
–The Washington Blade

God of Vengeance
(Rorschach Theatre/Theater J, Washington DC, Spring 2001)

“The heart of the play, and the only truly spellbinding moment in the show, is the tender romantic scene between Emerie Snyder’s Rivkeleh and Tracy Olivera’s Mankeh, one of the hookers in the brothel downstairs. … the two women glow together. Snyder’s Rivkeleh loses her haunted look in Mankeh’s arms…”
–The Washington Blade

“… Emerie Snyder is sylphlike as the daughter on whom the action centers.”
–Washington City Paper

(Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, Washington DC, Fall 2000)

“The supporting actors hold their own with the leads. … Snyder’s street kid has a quirky fragility.”
–The Washington Post

“… the juggler (adeptly underplayed by Emerie Geiger Snyder, who seems equally at home on a unicycle and on stilts) …”
–Washington City Paper

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